Life is filled with happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, laughter and other emotions but when life gets you down, just be strong about it and keep your head up high and have faith in all things in life. Always remember: God is at your side, always.

Happy Birthday Ayu Miraa

I have an elder sister named Ayu Amirah. But we have a nickname that only two of us use to one another that is Lulu and Lily. She is my one and only Lily and I'm her one and only Lulu :)
She will always be there at a time when I needed, at a time when I cry and I smile.
She knew when I was not okay and needs someone. Even though she is far away and can't lend her shoulder to me. But she will always make sometime to listen to everything even when she's doing busy. I've known her for years, she knew all my bad behavior and she knew all about me.
Bila on the phone, I laugh like crazy and loud. Walaupun dia cuma kakak angkat, tapi dia dah macam seorang kakak kandung to me. Kitorang share everything together-gether even mencarut, mengutuk, bergurau, berpeluk dan saling ada untuk each other.
12 May, is her birthday. But i wish her late because i was busy with my things and TERLUPA about her birthday. I am so sorry sister. But I'm promise you that we will celebrate together with a cake when we meet okay? Lulu janjii :P hee.

And, I wish you a happy happy belated birthday. Have a blast and I will always be your lil sister till the end, IsyaAlah sayang :)

Much love, from your one and only Lulu.

bubye ^,^

Yang tidak pasti

Pertemuan ku angan-angan,
Menginginkan satu kebahagiaan,
Sebuah cinta yang berkekalan,
Masih  jauh dipandangan,
Ku ingin memiliki cinta
Ku ingin merasai jiwa,
Tetapi bibirku kelu tidak terkata,
Kerana tiada jawapan untuknya,
Disaat kau didepan mata,
Perasaanku tertanya-tanya,
Adakah penantianku sia sia,
Kerana cinta ku ini tiada kepastiannya.

                                   I Love You

bubye ^,^